Worldtown Via Londontown :: Figures & Fictions

Photography and truth. This would be another way to place the Figures & Fictions exhibition on contemporary South African photography at the V&A museum. Figures & Fictions extends the role that photography has played as a tool used by the apartheid regime in classifying and segregating the society, towards a powerful post-apartheid identity forming art form. Showing the best artists from Mandelas year until present day circumstances – the show demonstrates an acute maturity with the camera, its form and subjects. Moving beyond documentary to visualize the complexity of South African society, the photographers play with ethnography, portraiture and art in striking ways. This exhibition is not to be missed.

Watch ‘behind the scenes’ videos of the 17 artists whose work is on display as a part of the exhibit.
Figures & Fictions: Contemporary South African Photography, V&A until 17th July.