Worldtown Hearsay: Ghana ThinkTank

Source: Christopher Robbins via COLORLINES

In the aftermath of the Kony 2012 -White Saviourism-comes-undone period, this is the most ingenious counter-example that we’ve seen: Ghana Think Tank is purportedly “a worldwide network of think tanks creating strategies to resolve local problems in the ‘developed’ world.”

“Started in 2006, the project is brilliant and simple: it’s a global network that

collects problems from the “first world” and submits them to think tanks in the “third world”: in Cuba, the think tank is a three-generation family, in El Salvador a rural radio station, in Ghana a group of bike mechanics. The project then returns to the first-world community to implement the suggested solutions.”

Read more in this COLORLINES interview with one of the founders of Ghana ThinkTank.