Ethno-Sploitation Reality TV

As reality TV continues to prod the most perverse of human nature, one wonders – how much longer must we be subject to this?

This chart c/o of Vanity Fair draws out the latest trend in Reality Television – ethno-sploitation. That is, take a small group of self-obsessed, self-important, highly superficial gals and guys chosen specifically from a set ethnic group and highlight the worst possible stereotypes about said group, add some pointless storylines with lots sex, parties and debauchery and you’ve got a winner, à la Jersey Shore.

As the phenomenon crosses the Atlantic, Pacific, and other bodies of water – we can get ready for an onslaught of ethnic stereotypes on steroids… and a whole army of “ethnic” subhumans defaming their communities and people. But the Jersey Shore formula seems to work, and so we see an endless catapult of bad boy and girl images supposedly representative of all 2nd and 3rd generation kids from that community.

May the best ones win (or be canceled after season one, fingers and toes crossed).