Watch this poetic documentary on self-worth and fear


Enough is Taouba Khelifa‘s short poetic documentary uncovering the inner thoughts of four women as they speak intimately about their inner fears, doubts and worries.

Khelifa’s film aims to visually uncover the idea of self-inflicted shame, and beautifully portrays vulnerability among these women. Khelifa describes it as “an abstract conversation between our current self and an idealized version of our self – a self we believe we can never attain.” It’s a beautiful rendering of the concept of “are we enough?” In Khelifa’s words, “inevitably, this conversation becomes the woven narrative for the film: we are enough, others believe we are enough, and deep down inside, perhaps buried behind years of doubt and layers of uncertainty, there lies a voice of power that reminds us of our worth. Yet, time and time again, shame makes us question if this voice can ever be trusted, and if we will ever really be enough.”


Taouba Khelifa is an Algerian-born, Saskatchewan-raised community activist, documentary photographer and freelance filmmaker, of Berber descent. She currently lives in Edmonton, and works as the Program Manager for The Green Room youth initiative. Her work in the community and in grassroots organizing has allowed her to document and tell various stories of community, people and humanity. Through her camera lens, she has had the opportunity to witness the rare glimpses of human struggle, strength and spirit. Her interest lies in using art and storytelling as mediums for enriching communities and engaging citizens.