A new future for This is Worldtown

This is Worldtown is re-launching as TIWT Films. The goal, as always, is to support women of color filmmakers tell stories that comprise the fullness of our Black, Brown, Indigenous and diasporic selves. Our original production focus is on documentary and scripted narrative work.

The focus of this platform has always been on first-person visual, written works that brings new perspectives to issues of migration, politics, race and culture. The tagline remains: We tell stories behind the crisis, directly from those who are building, making art, sharing their pain and their truth. This is Worldtown: Your voice. Your Terms.

As a digital publication, we have had the pleasure of publishing and supporting content from women around the world. We have run a series of successful and groundbreaking live events.  We have supported a cohort of Black, Indigenous, Women of Color emerging visual storytellers through a year-long mentorship program. We have spoken at and presented our work at various summits, exhibitions and conferences. Our storytellers have been tied to influential funders, organizations and institutions including the North Face, ITVS, the New Yorker, BBC, CBC, Frontline PBS and HBO. While we move away from commissioning new work for publication at this time, we will be keeping an eye out on the most compelling stories and contributing widely to diverse film making communities as we focus on producing original work.

This is Worldtown’s Director and Founder Sana A. Malik says “launching This is Worldtown has been one of the great privileges of my life — focusing on the way BIWOC expression has transformed digital storytelling, running a successful mentorship program and seeing how BIWOC continue to lead as storytellers have been some of the most defining milestones for me.” As Malik, a filmmaker who has been the editorial voice behind the platform moves forward in this journey, she shares her decision to pivot to TIWT films. “There is also a re-assessing of what value this platform can add to this moment and as my own journey has taken me deeper into filmmaking, I am excited to expand and explore those possibilities through this medium.” For This is Worldtown, the mantra has always been, “living, breathing, platform” and now it breathes new life.

In addition to original scripted and non-fiction work, This is Worldtown will also be available for client-based video production and consulting projects. We are a full service creative production company with cinematographers, editors, producers and directors.

Watch this space for news about our first production going live in the next few days.