This Pregnant Hijabi made a rap song and it’s this year’s most subversive art piece

Image c/o Mona Haydar

This week’s unexpected viral video comes in the form of a rap video by Syrian-American artist Mona Haydar. #hijabixMona is not just an ordinary rap. Haydar is pregnant and surrounded by a crew of women, also in hijab, performing a rap about: wearing hijab and existing. Through slick visuals, choreography and unapologetic lyrics, Haydar and her crew of women make the case for hijab and liberation as well as wearing hijab and just living your damn life. Although previously known for her more educational take on life as a Muslim through her project Ask a Muslim, Haydar presents a different take on being the token Muslim educator with lyrics like:

Not your exotic vacation
I’m bored with your fascination
I need that PayPal, PayPal, PayPal
If you want education

Haydar’s also about calling out haters who reject diversity. She’s celebrating Muslim women and pushing buttons of those who cherish monolithic experiences on each end of the spectrum. It’s a new way of showing the Muslim female experience to a broad range of folks. “I hoped that a pregnant woman who is obviously Muslim [and] creating art and speaking truth would inspire people and offer some levity, joy and hope,” as Haydar tells the Huffington Post. 

Watch the full video and relish the multitude of ways Muslim women express themselves. We hope to see more of this subversive feminist art. Remember, you can always PayPal if you want education.