LAL: Summer Tour in Canada

LAL :: On Tour from July 30th to August 21st
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Toronto’s politically charged, electronically driven LAL are touring the country this summer.

LAL will be promoting their third studio album Deportation which was inspired by the events surrounding 9/11 and its fallout — the rise of a cloaked surveillance state, thicker lines drawn around who is “legal” and who is “not” and most particularly by the fate of several deported friends.

Deportation stands to be their most provocative and fully-realized album to date.

“We wanted people to sit up and think about this word [Deportation] and what it meant, to read it aloud. So much music doesn’t provoke you to think, so it was important that we named this CD something that get people thinking,” explains lead vocalist Rozina Kazi.
Deportation also hosts some of Toronto’s finest including Zaki Ibrahim, Ian Kamau, Montreal’s Moonstarr and more.

Post-tour, LAL will present their new media project ‘zero cluster’ with Faisal Anwar and Jose Garcia at the Art Gallery of Ontario (August 2009/January 2010) before heading to India in September to work on their 4th record due out September 2010.

Stay tuned here for the complete tour listings, updates, and sound.


30 Jul 2009
Casbah with Lee Reid & Mirimichi
Hamilton, Ontario

31 Jul 2009
Musclow Hall
Maynooth, Ontario

1 Aug 2009

Club Lambi with Kalmunity, djs Scott C, Andy Williams & Moonstarr
Montreal, Quebec

2 Aug 2009
Mercury Lounge w/ dj Rise Ashen
Ottawa, Ontario

5 Aug 2009
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

7 Aug 2009 – 1:00PM
Regina Folk Festival
Regina, Saskatchewan

9 Aug 2009
Under The Volcano Festival of Art and Social Change
Vancouver, British Columbia

11 Aug 2009
Broadway Youth Resource Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia

13 Aug 2009
Duncan Garage Showroom w/ Pauline Edwards
Duncan, British Columbia

14 Aug 2009
Luck Bar/With Greenlaw,Big Reds, Pauline Edwards
Victoria, British Columbia

15 Aug 2009
Big Time Out Music Festival
Cumberland, British Columbia

21 Aug 2009
Art Gallery of Ontario
Toronto, Ontario