Invisible Love: 27

The idea behind this series was to curate stories and pieces that reclaim the love that isn’t always visible. The love that makes us question what defines heartbreak, what defines a connection, how we learn and unlearn, how we teach and feel love. These questions are brought to the surface through this collection of visual works, poetry and text created by women who’ve beautifully visualized all the love you can’t visibilize.

by Hafsa Khizer

Symbolism is heavy in “27”. Every color choice and placement is arduously chosen to tell the intricate stories of the 27th year of my life, and the almost unbearable emotions it brought me. The order of display is deliberately not the order of creation. “27” is the follow up series to “26”, a series completed last year.


Hafsa Khizer is a twenty something Toronto based Artist, Photographer, Designer and Writer. She is the founder of The Reminder Series Art, and creates conceptual art that is highly expressive, exploring themes like self love, loss, and healing and the concept of ‘home’. Hafsa’s art and other products can be purchased online through her links below. She is currently studying sociology at Ryerson University and is committed to using art as a tool of expression and empowerment for herself in all of her work.