Diaspora Youth Speak: Drawing the World Together [VIDEO]

Diaspora Youth Speak (DYS) is a project based in Toronto for youth ages 15-17 who identify as part of a Diasporic community.
The project uses multi-media arts to explore themes of displacement and mobility to reflect on personal stories and the roles that we play in local and global contexts as Diasporic peoples.
DYS seeks to amplify and strengthen the voices of Diasporic youth by fostering leadership and participation in local and global justice issues.
The program ran this summer, and will run again in 2010.
This video documents the participants creating a mural together and is set to a spoken word track recorded by the youth through a workshop with Rosina Kazi and Nick Murray of LAL
The track features participants & facilitators: Therry Chevalier, Gabriela Diaz Martinez, Julian Diego, Valentina Figueroa, Kris Orantes Migoya, Kirthana Sasitharan, Heidi Shaheen, Ana Maria Higuera.