Axis of Light – A Portrait of Eight Artists from the Middle East and North Africa

Pia Getty’s Axis of Light presents an intimate retrospective of eight well-known Middle Eastern/North African Artists.

“The histories unfolding are marked by war and exile yet as Baalbaki serenely expresses it ‘ It is difficult to put into words but nonetheless [war/destruction] is something which becomes very natural, it makes up a part of your life’. Throughout the film nothing is turned sensational -Shirin Neshat speaks of conflicting forces in her work, Mona Hatoum positively refers to ‘identities in flux’ and Etel Adnan talks of a close by age when ‘the country will be the computer’ while Youssef Nabil goes from exile to paradise. The works are beautifully filmed and the artists have been subtly directed as to express themselves generously, giving accounts that seem a perfect balance between personal and universal.”  – Saeb Eigner