TIWT Announcement: No rest for the weary

Worldtown Followers,

You’ve probably noticed the lapse in posts in recent months. What started as a momentary period of exhaustion of “curation” has turned into an extended break as we try and re-strategize a way to present this website and all the relevant content that “strikes back” at dominant media portrayals of our voices. When we first launched This is Worldtown in 2009, we noticed a dearth of voices online that could fully convey the brilliant creative expression coming out of lands engulfed in negative portrayals. It was also a ripe time to talk about Islamophobia, xenophobia and the rise of nationalist sentiment in Europe, North America and Australia. The absence of critical take backs *by those directly in the line of fire* was dispersed, and difficult to narrow down.

Three years later, we feel the urgency of our project more and more. We look up to new media and websites that have emerged since our founding, but find that it’s difficult to always locate “authentic” portrayals and remain relevant. These are issues that will always come with multiple viewpoints, but the underlying theme is unchanging: we must not be hidden. In some ways, the rapidity of Twitter and rise of short-form like Tumblr have made these exchanges more present, more instant. However, for platforms like TIWT – it’s not always easy to stay on top of a website that emphasizes long-form and in-depth analysis.

That being said, the voices that TIWT focuses on are more accessible and readily voiced through the above-mentioned venues. It is for this reason that we think TIWT is at a crux, and a time to restrategize and re-invent ourselves to remain relevant in a fast-changing media landscape is much needed. We don’t by any means think the work is done, but we are committed to finding the most effective way of delivering it.

To that note, we are deeply touched at all the support, comments, and opportunities that have come out of this blog. This is our fuel as we embark on new projects and re-imagine new ways of presenting ourselves. While we are taking an official pause on posting to this website, we are not breaking away from the dialogue – and the multiplicity of it. No rest for the weary – just a much needed incubation and reinvention period.

Continue to watch this space for our latest projects.

Much love,

The editors of TIWT.