This is Worldtown.  Your voice, your home.

Define your own terms of citizenship.

Bring your postcards, journals, maps and photographs – leave nothing at the border.

About this Site

This is Worldtown is a digital hub featuring the first person expression of women of colour, globally, across storytelling mediums. We are a redemptive, living and breathing platform that brings new perspectives to issues of migration, politics, race and culture. We tell stories behind the crisis, directly from those who are building, making art, sharing their pain and their truth. This is Worldtown: Your voice. Your Terms.


Representations of youth from immigrant and ethnic minority backgrounds are usually created in the context of crisis, as so-called failures of integration, or as exoticized trends in fashion and music. This is Worldtown started as a webzine in 2009 to challenge this notion and the inauthentic representations of this generation which are often lumped together merely on the basis of race, religion or background. We always offer an edgy take on our collective yet varied experiences by providing multimedia features and individual perspectives on the arts, politics, and ideas of our time. Our latest iteration is directed by women of colour as they take the lead in digital storytelling for today’s world.


This is Worldtown’s contributors are Black, Indigenous, Women of Colour who tell stories beyond borders, through their own medium of expression.

This is Worldtown is always looking for contributors or tips.  If you’ve got a thing or two to say, contact us. Send us your writing, photographs, artwork, videos, graphic designs, or sound bytes – whatever medium you choose to be represented by – and be featured on the site.



Sana A. Malik  Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director

Ausma Malik Advisor and Co-Founder

Fonna Seidu Digital Media Project Coordinator

Chrisann Hessing Digital Media Curator



Samah Ali

Elizabeth Farinango

Soko Negash

Aniqa Rahman

Shazlin Rahman

Aleia Robinson



Leyla Jeyte 

Yasmine Mathurin

Noor Naga

Shaghayegh Tajvidi