Behind the Dust Artists

Behind The Dust

Behind the Dust is a new visual series led by emerging Muslimah mediamakers telling their own stories behind the dust of mainstream narratives about their communities.

Meet the Mediamakers

Samah Ali is a content creator and producer. Samah’s work specializes on topics of diaspora, culture, and identity conceptualization. She writes, speaks, and documents these themes while throwing witty remarks and curating an eclectic meme gallery. She is a film buff, music fanatic, and tea enthusiast. @sisterhoodmedia

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Aleia Robinson-Ada is a photographer, artist and visual storyteller living in Toronto. Aleia values culture and history deeply, for her, photography has always been a way to tell intimate, adventurous, bold and historic stories. Aleia started her own company, Aleia Robinson Photography, in 2014 and continued with a strong momentum for the past three years. @_ar4photography

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Elizabeth Farinango is a kichwa documentary photographer, writer and painter currently based in Otavalo, Ecuador working on personal photographic projects and rediscovering her family’s long history with shamanism. Her work has been featured in Red Rising Magazine, St. Sucia Zine, teleSUR English, and Remezcla. She is currently organizing her first solo exhibition in Otavalo and Quito, Ecuador.

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Soko Negash is a Toronto-born woman of Chinese-Eritrean descent, who grew up playing on the floor of her parents’ arts studio. Her creative journey has included explorations into fashion design, community event organizing, writing, audio/tv/film production, and most recently, photography. During the day, she works at a documentary production company. Her focus is making media that centers on ancestral trauma and knowledge, shame, intergenerational relationships, cultural identity, and creating space for marginalized folks to be ordinary.

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Shazlin Rahman is a Malaysian-born and Toronto-based writer and artist. Stemming from her MA thesis on how hijab vloggers subvert Muslim women’s misrepresentation through YouTube videos, Shazlin’s creative practice is focused on expanding Muslim women’s narratives through robust visual representations and creative writing. Her latest project Hersarong aims to build lesser-known stories about Malay women as part of broader narratives of Muslim women in Canada. She recently debuted her sarong- inspired artwork at Truth & Dare Project’s (mus)interpreted 2016 show.

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Aniqa Rahman has been immersed in the arts since 2013. In the past few years, Aniqa has managed to acquire notable clients, win Juror’s choice, and gain recognition from the Toronto Star and UofT Magazine for her photographic arts. Her goal is to further develop her photography skills; she believes learning is for life and with that brings joy into her art.

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We are grateful to the Inspirit Foundation and the Olive Tree Foundation for their support of this project.